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Dena Falken Legal-Ease International

Meet The Woman Behind Legal-Ease International — Dena Falken

Dena Falken is a lecturer, author, CEO, and a Seminar presenter with Legal-Ease International. She has taken on the world of Seminars with a unique topic and style.

She has a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to providing information to a Global audience. Dena shares interesting topics with Foreign Professionals. Her audience is composed of Judges, lawyers, law students, translators and more…. She provides training seminars on the “ Language of the Law” around the World and also invites others to present.

Dena is a woman who believes in sharing knowledge and furthering education. “It is very satisfying to teach a new concept or idea” says Falken. Even if one of our students learns one new word or term, it can change the entire way they work. She believes that success is not about money but about passion. Dena Falken truly considers herself lucky that she found her passion early on in her career.

“Find a need and fill it” has been her mantra! She learned that from her wonderful father who later in his career became an entrepreneur himself. She sure has taken her Dads advice and is now helping people around the Globe.

Dena started her career in Milan, Italy after graduating with a JD degree in law from Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. She has a BA from American University in Washington D.C. She always knew that she wanted to do something in the International arena. While interning at a law firm in Milan, Italy…Dena saw the need. Although many lawyers spoke English, they did not speak Legal English. A language in and of itself. In other words, they did not speak or write the “Legal Talk”.

Opportunity knocked and Falken, opened the door.

Dena understood there was a need, but had to figure out how to begin. With some simple brochures left at lawyers offices, she began to market her Seminar. While it was not easy, the idea took off with a lot of hard work and effort, Eventually a full Seminar was formed. It turned out to be a wild success. Dena Falken soon expanded Legal-Ease International throughout Italy and it is now operated in Mexico, Europe, Central and South America, with courses online, leaving no city in the World out of reach. Legal-Ease International is now recognized as the World Leader in Legal English…



Dena Falken

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