Dena Falken Esq- American Entrepreneur Making History

Dena Falken
3 min readJun 17, 2023

Dena Falken Esq- American Entrepreneur Making History

Dena Falken Esq, an award winning influential women, who has transformed the way business is done. She is a successful woman, always competing with herself to provide better results for her clients.

Dena Falken is an American entrepreneur, operating a global business. She is the founder of Legal-Ease International®️– a company dedicated to teaching legal terminology, the Language of the law, to professionals.

Today we are excited to interview Dena Falken and share her business tips to our vast audience. She has a vast knowledge about the business world and is frequently speaking at various events.

How to overcome imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur?

Dena Falken: When you are in business, there is always competition and you should recognize and prepare for it. There will be numerous obstacles but an entrepreneur should trust their services and be willing to work hard to make it more beneficial for their clients.

When I started Legal-Ease International ®, I had setbacks but mentally I made them a normal thing by building confidence in what I do and why I do it. This helped me to overcome every barrier and now my business is leading in the industry- providing service in Italy, Mexico, South and Central America and throughout Europe.

Believing in yourself is one of the keys to conquer imposter syndrome. The fear is always there but when we stop second guessing ourselves and make strategic decisions with proven results continuously, it will help to overcome imposter syndrome and lead to success.

Many of our readers have problems staying productive. Can you please give some tips?

Dena Falken: As an entrepreneur, there are many aspects of the business to look at every day. When I started my company, I mastered the skill to be productive so that I can complete more tasks every day without procrastinating.

Planning a day by creating a schedule. Being productive is more about knowing what you have to do and executing it without distractions.

The second thing is being fit mentally. As an entrepreneur, individuals need to understand that when our mental health is good, we can be creative and put more effort into our work. Numerous beginners often spend late nights…



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