Beware of the toxic client

Dena Falken
6 min readJun 17, 2022
  • Published on June 17, 2022

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BEWARE the lunatic client

This is the most personal article I have every written…please, if you have a bad client..and can remove him or her, do so. I do not want what happened to me to happen to you.

We all think that firing a client is a terrible thing to do. They are hard to find right? Wrong. If you are good at what you do, there will be me.

Not all clients are good clients. Whether you are a lawyer, a translator, a teacher….its simply not worth it. I speak from experience.

I had an awful client. At first I just thought he was mad at everyone else. Not me..who could be mad at me? I thought he was mad at everyone else but that he would never take it out on ME

Then he asked me what I thought about him SUING the lawyer he used before me. Hmmm he would never do that to me, right? The fact that he would even THINK of suing another lawyer..should have been a red flag.

The emotional, physical, and mental drain caused by this client can kept me from enjoying my work. This “ clients” kept me from enjoying all my other clients. It ate up all my time. Constantly complaining and calling

Bad clients usually result from the randomness of it. This was the first time that I had a client outside of my network of clients. I did not know him, his past, did not research it the way that I should have.Very big mistake in my career.

RESEARCH you clients. Make sure that you know their past. Do they sue a lot? Have they been fired a lot? This is all telling of the kind of client they will be.

The issues to look for are

  1. Recognizing bad clients, and
  2. Getting rid of them, quickly, artfully and ethically.

Why Are Some Clients So Difficult?

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